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The goal of this achievement is to cross 2 chasing orbs caused by focused lightnings. The strategy for this is dumb as hell, and you do not need to have a specific raidcomp. As long as only ranged and healers can be targeted by orbs, get everybody mounted except tanks/melee and just kite it until the second orb pops out.

The only trick I can give you is to have your first orb-kiters go clock wise, and the second in the opposite way, because the first orb is going to be REALLY fast in the end.

You do not have to kill the boss to complete the achievement, so we can wipe it and kill it on Heroic.



The goal of this achievement is to kill Horridon without killing down any of the 4 dinomancers spawning all along the boss encounter. The easier way to do this is to bring a 3rd tank, make him catch the dinomancer on each gate and take them until Horridon dies. Exceptt from this, the strategy remains unchanged.

DPS do not touch the dinomancer, since they only have 1mil HP. Charoon might want to beacon the dino tank.


Council of Elders

The goal here is to not let any of the 4 trolls (and the summoned Loas) go out of the large circle, the one beyond all dragons on the floor. So this is quite easy, there is only three ways to get a mob outside of this:
- by tanking one of the trolls outside
- by being targeted by Kazra'jin

This is possible on heroic, but if it seems too hard we will do it on normal.



The goal here is to ignore each head during Megaera normal event, obviously one at a time (so this part of the achievement requires 3 weeks). As long as you reached to kill it on normal mode, the achievement one is not much harder, it just requires a little bit of coordination.

Will need two weeks for this achievement, because we killed all heads on normal.



The goal of this achievement is to catch an egg and preserve to break it until the Ji'Kun death. This is, by far, the hardest of all twelve achievements, because there is a lot of ways to fail it. There is few things you need to keep in mind:
- the egg spawns on the 4th nest (1st up) as soon as the combat starts, it starts to flight up around the nest and it fall off after ~20sec
- when you have the egg, you break it if you die, fall off the plateform, use anything except the throwing extrabutton, and if you take any damage from anything except quills and the feed pools
- you have a 30% slow speed debuff when carrying the egg

To my mind, the simpliest strategy is as following:

1. Burn the first nest quick
2. Send a fast character in the 4th nest to grab the egg (you can negate the speed debuff with wolf form, cheetah, pursuit with 3 hopo etc..)
3. Make a priest grip the egg-carrier on the main plateform with leap of faith
4. Run like hell everytime there is caw casted by the boss (go FAR from everyone)
5. Find a way to not fall everytime there is a Down Draft (monk tiger's lust, priest feather/bauble...)



In order to reveal the 3 adds, you have to look over the whole room before the spectrum phase, spot the white steam and pack 2 spectrum rays on it. There is 6 steams pre-showing, 3 red 1 yellow 1 blue and 1 white, be sure to assign few people to look for the good one and place a colored symbol on it. Communication is really important here, be sure everyone in your raid is quick to react and move if targetted by the beam. If they are not, you can also pack everyone on the white beam since only one add will (randomly) spawn and they cannot spawn more than once:

- Red + Yellow reveals the Orange
- Blue + Yellow reveals the Green
- Blue + Red reveals the Purple

The extra-color add takes sometimes fews seconds to show, be sure to wait a bit standing on spectrums.



Stand in a circle, zerg boss.


Twin Consorts

The goal of this achievement is to kill the twins in a different order than the "normal" way during the last encounter phase. Depending on gear, this could be quite hard to simple as hell. The main idea is to bring Lu'lin as low as possible during first phase, pop bloodlust and every cooldowns at pull. Then don't dps Suen below 30% (40 is safier) when Lu'lin disapears, just keep destacking until the other twin comes back. When they are both present, just nuke Lu'lin down and rotate defensive cooldowns to survive Suen stacking over and over.
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